On-Site Services

DeeHandyman.com will come to you! We can assist you right in your own home.

In-Home Service

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  • Furniture/IKEA Dis/Assembly $25hr (2 hour minimum)
  • Home painting or Refresh Services $18hr
  • Automotive Repair $35hr or $105 flat for part installs (2 hour diagnostic minimum and part sourcing if not acquired)
  • Computer & Mobile Device Repair $25hr(2 hour minimum for diagnostic and part sourcing if not acquired)

Make an Appointment

An on-site visit does require an appointment, so please Make A Support Ticket by using the button at the top of this page, it helps me to understand the basics of the project in mind so please i may just ask the right questions. Also we do not in any form provide consolidate nor collect for third parties for any reason other than to dispatch a technician assigned to the project in mind! For rescheduling, emember, a call now rather than later might save you from future problems. We might even help improve the way you do business. Our service area spans the greater Venice metro and surrounding areas, including the east side. Our Service Area includes the following image of the mapped area.

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