Dedric Deke Alexander
CEO, Web Developer, Handyman, Automotive Quick Service Technician

Here is our unique skill set and of the things of which I have to come to experience:

Job's & Duties
  • Automotive Engine Repair: Certified Automotive Technology & Quick Service Technician $35 an hour or $105 flat for part installs and repairs (2 hr minimum for diagnostics and part sourcing)
  • IKEA ASSEMBLY & DISASSEMBLY $25 an hour (2 hr minimum)
  • Automotive Car Stereo Installations $20 an hour(2 hr minimum)
  • Computer & auto Repair $25 an hour or flat rate $105 for part installs (2 hr minimum for diagnosis and part sourcing)
  • Home & Apartment Refresh Painting $15 an hour
  • Remodeling Demolition $15 (provide your own dump container)
  • General Construction laborer $15
  • Drywall repair & installation $15 an hour

My qualifications are Certified Computer Applications Tech, Computer Repair Technician, Automotive Quick Service Technician for which I have certifications I acquired as a student at Gateway Community College in Phoenix, Arizona.

I am actively repairing computers, automotive vehicles, and servicing home repairs on my own or through a labor service such as People Ready and Tasker.

My work history consists of being a delivery driver, professional chauffeur, cab driver, warehouse assistant, and general laborer. What I have learned from being employed as a driver is customer service and of how to be courteous while providing a top notch service as a driver. I have multi-tasked on these jobs and it has also taught me time management and routing for consistent on time deliveries. What I am hoping to convey with this letter is my ability to learn new things while utilizing my current skill set. I am a hard worker, take instruction well, and have a great attention to detail. As detailed in the enclosed resume, I have extensive experience in performing maintenance and repair activities on commercial and private projects which makes me quite versatile as far as work experience is concerned. A strong understanding of computers, painting, electrical equipment, and small plumbing tools, I can work on most projects with great precision and accuracy. The key to being a good employee is to ensure that all projects are taken to fruition and that no work is left undone. As I believe in total precision while working, I ensure the completion of each project according to the specifications laid down and this is my greatest virtue. I am very sure you will be able to derive quite some expertise from my experience and look forward to meeting you in person soon.

Thank you for your time and consideration of me and my skill set. My phone is on and working so please text me or leave a message and I will respond as soon as possible. Thank you for your time and consideration for employment.


Gateway Commmunity College Phoenix, AZ Feb 2011-July 2013


  • Automotive Technology & Quick Service Repair
  • Windows Desktop Configuration & Administration 2008-2013
  • Computer Repair A+
  • Network+
Peninsula College Port Angelels, WA Feb 2000-Aug 2003

Certified Microsoft Applications Technician

  • Human Relations in Business
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Windows Admininstration & Configuration Technician 1995-2005
  • Computer Hardware & Software Repair
  • Microsoft Office Applications 2000-2010


Employment History & Experience

Star's VIP Town Cars Inc. Seattle, WA Feb 2008- Oct 2015

Professional Chauffeur/Cab Driver

I serviced the greater pacific northwest as a professionally trained limousine driver during the day and nights on weekends. I driven a towncar and stretch limousines for business travelers, business executives, sports figures, celeb weddings, birthdays, and holidays. I maintained a clean vehicle and adhered to all traffic laws while driving. I drove 7 days a week 365 days a year. I enjoyed my time as limousine and cab driver.

  • Picked & dropped off clientele at hotels, restruants, and the airport
  • Repaired fleet vehicles
  • Maintained a clean vehicle OnĀ­call during the day & at night
  • Web Masters Star's VIP Town Cars ( Star's VIP Town Cars Inc.
  • Managed Day to Day Operations 2008-15

Discount Cab Inc. Phoenix, AZ April 2013 - Aug. 2013

Professional Taxi Cab Driver

Driven a Prius Cab for Total Transit for two summers. I drove 24hrs during two summers. I picked up clients in the valley from various places. I enjoyed my time as a cab driver but relocated back to Seattle,WA

  • Mesa Discount Cab Driver

Dedric Alexander